Sunday, October 23, 2011

Green Means Go

While I consider myself an early adopter of most things science, technology, and education, (and life, for that matter), it has taken me a while to put together a blog.  It isn't that I don't think I've got excellent thoughts to share, but rather I just didn't think anyone would really be that interested in reading them.  As time has passed, however, I'm getting the sense that some folks might actually be interested in hearing what I have to say, so I figured I would give it a try.

The title for this blog pretty clearly encapsulates where I consider myself today, standing (or to bettere go with the rest of the description, sitting behind the wheel) in the middle of a four-way intersection.  Education Avenue, Technology Way, Science Street, and Life Lane are my options, and I can head down any one I choose (for those of you keeping me honest, let's just say I somehow ended up in the center of the intersection without travelling down one of those roadways. . . some people are so critical :) ).  Yet, despite the fact that all four are clear, I'm content having a foot (and arm) where they all meet, in the intersection.  So, expect to see posts focusing on those four areas.

I have two goals for this blog:
1.  For you to read it.
2.  For both of us to learn something.

If both of those goals can be met, than my intuition about creating a blog was correct.  If not, then hey, it was free :).  Looking forward to sharing my successes and failures and learning from yours.

Truly, "You are Here."