Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Year's Challenge

Happy New Year to all!  In the new year I'm embarking on a number of challenges. . . in fact, I've chosen to take on challenges this year, rather than form resolutions.  The problem with resolutions I've found is that they either tend to be problematic from a time perspective or a specificity one.  

For example, "I'm going to lose five pounds" can be problematic from a time perspective as one could lose five pounds in the course of a month, and then what?  

"I want to become a better person" suffers from lack of specificity.  What does that mean?  How would a person measure it?

To that end, rather than make resolutions, I'm providing myself with a challenge, one that I think that will be fun and quite difficult.

Like many others, I'm on a never-ending quest to continue learning, and part of that quest is to put myself into situations that aren't entirely comfortable.  I'm a user and lover of quotes, and I often use the written words of others to help me get my point across.

This year, I'm going to pay thanks to all those who have penned quotes before me by writing one new inspirational (I hope) quote each day over the course of the year.  In addition, I plan to put together a quick post each day here, detailing where the quote came from.

Here are the rules I'm setting for myself:
  • I need to create one new quote a day, for 365 days.
  • The quotes must be original, and tied to life experience.
  • I may incorporate pre-existing quotes or parts of them, but the quote as a whole must be original.
  • Quotes must be 140 characters or less (Twitter will be my main means of sharing).
  • No quote stacking allowed (each quote needs to be made on a separate day).
Your role?  Provide thoughts, and share feedback on those you enjoy and those you don't.  If you feel any are particularly worthy, please share them.  I'll be tweeting them with the #QuoteADay hashtag.  Most importantly, don't let me give up.   Even the smallest encouragement will prove helpful, of that I have no doubt.  Goodness knows I'll need it.

Good luck to you in whatever challenges you choose to undertake this year, and look for my first quote attempt tomorrow. :)