Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 130

Your place of work should be your second home. If it isn't, you need to make it that way.

Since we spend so much time at our places of employment, we need to find ways to make those places like an extension of our homes.  We know that the homes we make are little pieces of each of us, and at home, we tend to be (usually) the most relaxed, and the most capable of being who we really are.

It is important that our home away from home be our place of work, as we want to be comfortable enough to be ourselves.  Plus, when we spend anywhere from eight hours to twelve hours plus in any given day physically engaged with our profession, it makes sense that we would want to be as physically, emotionally, and mentally comfortable as possible.

This really means that our work space needs to show a little bit of us each day.  This might be in the physical design of the space (paint colors, pictures and wall hangings, plants and plantings, music playing, little "toys" on a desk) the social use of the space (Are meetings regularly held there?  Is it a place to gather to enjoy a cup of coffee?  Is the door always open?), and/or the mental activities that take place there (there's a deep thinking chair, a circular table designed to allow for face-to-face communication and collaboration).

All of this goes into making a work space, and there really is no wrong answer to how it is done (as long as the space mirrors, and is an extension to, your home).

The point is, in order to think as deeply and as powerfully as we can, and in order to truly help in making decisions that matter, we need to be able to seamlessly (or as seamlessly as possible) transition from work to home.  And why wouldn't we want to?  We should always love all that we do.

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