Monday, May 26, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 146

Good deeds are recognized; not people. Lead by what you do, not by what it gets you.

Today is a day that recognizes servitude without an expectation of recognition.  Wars have been fought throughout history, and rarely is the individual soldier recognized for his or her deeds.  People enter the armed forces not for recognition, but for the service they can provide, knowing that the deeds they complete are recognition enough.

So too goes for leadership in any frame.  As servant leaders, we help our communities without any need for recognition, knowing that the success of our stakeholders is recognition enough.  Servant leaders strive to provide their constituents with the best possible experience, irrespective of what it means for their own career or professional outcome.

More leaders need to act as servant leaders.  A position of leadership should always be seen as one of servitude.  If we don't put on our servant lens, we're apt to lead more with our own ideals in the forefront than those of the community members we were chosen to represent.

When our leadership tenure is over, wouldn't it be better to look back on our time and marvel at what we did as a community, rather than the awards that we, individually, earned?

I think so.

Because in the end, it isn't so much about what you have accomplished, but rather what we have done together.

Thanks to all those who continue to serve their communities and their countries without any drive for personal recognition.  You are, in fact, deeply recognized.

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