Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 145

Take the time to lest you be out-innovated in no time.

Everyone loves to believe they're innovative.  But, of course, we are much less innovative than we think we are.

Even those that are, in fact, truly innovative need to be innovative all the time if they really want to stay on the cutting edge.

Education, as a profession, tends to be less innovative than other fields.  Maybe it is because of the more rigid structure of how days and years operate.  Maybe it is because of the tighter funding stream that flows into it.

Or maybe, it is simply because our leaders in education were not trained to be truly innovative leaders.

Whatever the reason, the thing about innovation is that if we ignore it, or if we don't keep innovating, then we lose any edge we once had.

Innovation doesn't require someone to invent something new, however.  It simply means we work within our realm to make things easier or more efficient.

Simply better.

With that easy a guideline, we can be innovative in just about anything if we take the time to try.  Being innovative requires us to do a few things, however.  First, we have to be willing to collaborate, as truly innovative ideas require multiple heads.  Second, we need to take time to reflect.  If we don't think about the situations we've been in throughout the past, we won't be able to design new ideas for the future.

If we take the time to think and surround ourselves with other critical thinkers, we can be constantly innovative, something that the world of education needs even more today than in the past.

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