Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 151

By the time you reach the , it's time to leave.     

The status quo is comfortable, but it isn't a place we want to be for long.  Too often, we work hard to make an initiative happen, and then once it does, we get comfortable and can't leave it.  One of the challenges with any type of change is that we celebrate making the change and then don't want to do so again.

And that's a big problem.  In education (and anywhere, for that matter), while comfortable "feels good," it isn't always in the best interests of those around us (or ourselves).  So, we have to be wary of when we hit the status quo, and once we do, we have to do whatever we can to change it.

The issue with status quo is that when we hit it, it represents a point where innovation and creativity begin to lack, and a point in time where challenge is leaking from our organization.

And all of these are bad.  The truth is, organizations can only exist when they are able to stay relevant.  If we can't be innovative or creative, and if our stakeholders aren't challenged, then what is the point?

To be as good as we can be, we have to kick the status quo from our organizations and our lives.  Embracing a frame of dynamic equilibrium, or constant change to reach some sort of "good spot," is definitely the way to go.

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