Friday, May 23, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 143

The world won't change unless you change it.

If you aren't happy, be it as a learner, a leader, or both, you need to change things.  If you assume that things will change for you, you'll be left holding that hope for a very long time.

While the world can change, it doesn't change according to anyone's ideas of what should happen.  The only way to work with change is to initiate it yourself.  That means that when you're ready for a change, you need to be the one to make that change happen.

Change itself is scary, and experience tells us it certainly isn't easy.  That being said, if we aren't willing to change, or feel that we can't, we'll never be able to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

The easiest way to avoid being unhappy is to make changes in your life that you can control.  While there are some aspects of the work we do that are not within our locus of control, much of what life throws our way can be influenced by decisions that we make.

So, it stands to reason that with enough planning and forethought, we can begin to incorporate the types of changes that will make us feel happiest and the most productive in the lives we lead and the work that we do.

The catch, of course, is that we need to know that we have to be the change makers; the world won't do it for us.

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