Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 293

? ? No matter. What's important is that you did it.

The difficulty level of things doesn't matter so much.  Rather, what truly makes a difference is that we completed a task.

Easy or hard, the tasks we engage in are important for the opportunity they provide us with to complete them.  For through that process, we come out with more knowledge than we started with, and learning isn't about a range of difficulty, but rather knowing more after than before.

Let me tell you about my day.

I spent a good portion of today putting up shades in one of my daughter's rooms.  It wasn't a particularly "hard" job, but it was time consuming.  While it took me a while, I finished the task with a better understanding of easy ways to hang cordless shades (at least this brand. . . I've found that every different shade/blind manufacturer has "trouble points" in different spots :) ).

Then, I spent some time exploring the fuse compartment in my car.  The AC adapter port stopped working, so I figured a fuse blowing was to blame.  It turns out this batch of fuses was under the left instrument panel (as opposed to in the engine compartment0.  Getting under the steering column and into the foot well was a challenge and getting the fuse out of the array was incredibly hard, but I was able to see that it was blown, I ordered a new one off eBay (got to love eBay), and I feel confident I can pop it in without any problem (fingers crossed that it works).

Finally, I spent some time designing my Halloween costume.  We're going with a Wizard of Oz theme at work, and I'm going to be the yellow brick road.  This was neither easy nor hard, but simply a lot of fun.

These three tasks are examples of work I engaged in today.  Whether they were challenging or not is of no matter.  Instead, my increase in learning was based solely on my completion of these tasks, and figuring out how to work through them.

As leaders, we have to ignore the difficulty of tasks and concentrate instead on getting them done.  In this way, we can guarantee that our learning will continue, no matter what.

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