Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 296

#Truth = You can never make everyone #happy. Other truth = You can always make yourself happy. #QuoteADay #Day296 #edchat #edu #ASCDL2L

It’s a fact of life.

You can’t always please everyone, and if we spend all of our time trying, we’ll end up disappointing those who we can make happy, and just as importantly, ourselves.

But, on the flip side, you can always please yourself.  We are the keepers of our own happiness, and if we want to be happy, we can make it happen.

Leaders need to always be focused on their own well-being, for if we are never happy, then it will be impossible to make others happy as well.

And happiness is key to any successful initiative.  We don’t just need people to buy in, we also need them to be truly happy about where they are, and what they’re doing.

Rather than focusing on trying to always make everyone happy, we should focus on making those happy who want to be happy, and just as importantly, spreading the happiness around enough so everyone can be happy, if they want to be.

Happiness isn’t a characteristic that can be just dumped in people’s laps.  There’s a systematic design to happiness that prevents those who choose to be miserable from becoming happy.

Therefore, every leader needs to choose to be happy and positive.  While we can’t make everyone a “happy camper” we can show others that we choose to be joyful, and if nothing else, maybe, just maybe, our happiness will be contagious.  And happiness is always great to catch.

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