Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 300

Initiatives will be more successful when we point them out to people, rather than push people to them.

Even the best initiative can fall flat if people don't support it, and building support is never the same as telling people what they need to do.

In fact, rarely should there be any "telling" involved when initiatives are at stake.  Rather, for initiatives to truly be successful, we need to point them out to people, rather than push people to them.

It's a simple idea.  We can share the details of an initiative with others.  And, we can explain why the initiative will benefit everyone.

And, really, that's it.

The best initiatives then take off because people opt into them, rather than being forced.

Initiatives that don't take off, even after information is shared and the importance is explained, are simply not ready for prime-time, and need to be either incubated or discarded.

For those initiatives that do garner support, agencies are more primed to run with them because those they serve haven't been coerced into "support."

If we want leaders and learners throughout our schools and districts to feel good about the paths they are exploring, we have to provide them with the opportunity to explore, learn, and lead.  If we simply show them the paths, and let them decide which way is best, we'll have infinitely tighter communities than if we tell them there is only one path and push them down it.

As an aside, today marks the 300th entry in my Quote-A-Day challenge.  It's been a great experience, and I'm looking forward to bringing it on home over the next two months!

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