Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 68

The true welcomes "I Don't Know" not for it's finality, but rather for the it leads to.

I tend to like the response of "I Don't Know."  It is a welcome, of sorts, to me to embark on a path of discovery, because what we don't yet know is simply something that should be added to our "To Learn" checklist.

Whether working with children or adults, we need to treat an answer of "I Don't Know" for what it is worth.  It isn't a response that should be viewed as having finality.  Rather, we need to treat it as the first step towards enlightenment.

One of our goals as leaders and learners is to help others seen that every "I Don't Know" is a mystery waiting to be solved, an idea waiting to be conjured, and a destination waiting to be visited.  "I Don't Know" isn't a "bad" response, or one to be given just by those trying to get out of giving an answer (in fact, these folks are the last ones who should be saying it).  Instead, it is a response we should expect and hope for from all those we encounter, for it has the potential to posit a voyage of exploration and growth.

So, feel comfortable and confident shouting "I Don't Know" from the rooftops.

Just make sure that when you do, you realize you've just made a promise to yourself to find out.

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