Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 78

At times, being a true means taking the back seat and following along.

Leadership isn't always about, well, leading.  Sometimes we have to be willing to follow along, and let others take the reins.  This can be tough for some, especially if they are used to being more directive in their leadership style.  But, all leaders, regardless of their experience or methodology, can't be in the driver's seat at all times.

My older daughter's nursery school has a rotating list of responsibilities.  Some weeks you're the pet feeder, during others you're the flag holder.  Every once in the while you're the line leader.  The point is, to build the most well-rounded learners, we have to provide multiple roles and experiences.  The same goes for leaders.

Delegation is never easy.  Nor is stepping back and letting others find solutions.  But, true leaders know the importance of laying the ground work for a community that works together; a community where everyone poses as a leader in some respect and at some point.

The fact is, if we aren't willing to lead as followers from time-to-time, then we can never build the type of community that is truly exhibited by collaborative enterprises.  These types of communities lead together rather than apart.

Taking a step back to let others move forward is a necessity.  After all, as my daughter would tell you, "We can't always be the line leader."

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