Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 77

The best share the good news and the bad. But they always . Transparency matters.

It isn't easy to give bad news.  But, it is a necessity.  And if we're going to be tasked with giving bad news, then we definitely should have the opportunity to share the news that is good!  No matter what, however, we need to share information.

Schools can't operate in a vacuum, and as primarily social enterprises, our schools need to be abuzz with information, and information that is evidence-based.  Rumors never help anyone.

The challenge, of course, is that many people don't like to give bad news.  But, bad news actually becomes horrible news when people hear about it from other sources than those who should be sharing it.  Information tends to get corrupted, and once corrupted, information is hard to fix.

Leaders need to share bad news as quickly as they share good news.

When should info be shared?

The best answer?  As soon as it can be verified.

Sometimes we want to hold onto bad news because we're worried that it might not be evidence-based.  However, as soon as we know, we need to make others aware.  Information that comes from a school leader can be approached in a very different way than if it was heard on the nightly news.  The goal is to get in front of the firestorm, not to be caught behind it.

Overall, leaders need to make sure that they are nothing if not transparent.  Community members should never wonder if a leader is telling the truth.  If that occurs, then all hope is lost.

Leadership isn't easy, and it shouldn't be.  But, it must be about strengthening relationships, and sometimes that means sharing information that tests the ties that bind.

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