Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 89

It isn't enough to with . You also have to be willing to lead with your feet.

Visionary leaders need to do more than just craft the vision itself.  Alone, a well crafted vision is inspiring, and often, it sets the groundwork for the challenging endeavors that come with motivating and changing organizations.

But, visions by themselves are simply words.

A leader can lead with vision (both figuratively and literally), but if that leader doesn't lead with his or her feet, then little and less will likely be accomplished.

Leading with your feet is a slightly more friendly version of putting your money where your mouth is.  To lead with your feet requires you to back up your vision with action, and to regularly be the first one to step into uncharted territory.  Whether you end up going it alone, or whether others follow you is often secondary.  The fact is, those who lead with their feet understand that they may be the first to fall, but they take those first steps in hopes of others joining in.

Leading with your feet not only means taking positive risks, it also means being visible.  To lead with your feet means you must leave your office.  As challenging as that may be on some occasions, the leader who is present is also the leader who provides presents in the form of feedback, conversation, and community.

To avoid either aspect of leading with your feet simply means you have a ship with a destination, but no sail to help you get there.  The waters of education can get pretty wild, and unless we have the tools to get our learners to their respective destinations, we're apt to have a mutiny on our hands, and rightly so.

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