Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 71

never say "This can't be done." Instead, they ask, "How do we make this happen?"

If you're going to be a leader in today's world, you're going to be dealing with fewer and fewer resources.  But, the best leaders understand that an answer of "We can't do this" is never acceptable when it comes to worthwhile initiatives.

The most effective leaders know that that type of response is demoralizing and effectively destroys creative thinking.

Rather, those leaders who truly "get it" instead respond with a "How do we make this happen?"  This response not only shows that the sky is the limit, but the steps towards getting to the sky are up to the stakeholders involved.

If you want to accomplish something grand, something truly amazing, you need at least two ingredients:

1.  Innovative Thinking

2.  Capacity

The only way you get those two is if you encourage people to think both inside and outside of the box, and adopt a "Never say never" attitude.

The best way to squash dreams is to tell people they can't happen.  Why not let people dream in the hopes that even the most far-fetched goals can someday be reached?

Dream big.  Reach higher.  Lead better.

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