Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 105

is like the air around us. Even if you can't see or hear it, you know it's always there.

We need to breathe.  We also need to learn.  So, it's fitting, that as I sit here looking outside and envisioning the crisp spring air, that I'm also contemplating what the day will bring for me learning-wise.

Every day yields the chance to explore numerous opportunities for learning.  And, just like the air we breathe or that coolly brushes up against us on these brisk spring mornings, even if we can't see it, smell it, or hear it, we know it is there.

Sometimes, when our minds are occupied, we might forget about the existence of air, and how necessary it is for life.  The same is true for learning.  If we aren't careful, or if we're too busy to think about it, we can  forget just how much learning there is out there for us.

So, we must do whatever we can to make sure that we always take advantage of learning opportunities whenever they present themselves.  Like the air we breathe, though it will always be there, we're apt to forget its importance if we don't embrace it on a daily basis.

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