Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 91

There might be a "me" in , but it should never be about "you."

When we form teams, we must always remember that our rationale for doing so must be based on the end result we hope to achieve for all, not on our own direct goals.

A team does have the word "me" in it, but it should never be about "you," the leader.

Teams must operate according to the needs of the organization, whether they are tied to the direct initiatives of the leader or not.  As leaders we have to remember that as important as our own ideas are, we can't let them bias the goals of the organization (which, for what it is worth, are infinitely more important than our own).

When we think about the work of the team, we have to remember that it is all about collaboration.  Once we commit to building a team, we have to be willing to hear and live with the thoughts of others.  In addition, we have to be willing to make decisions that benefit all, not just ourselves.

Remember that a team is always a collaborative endeavor, never an individual one.

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