Friday, April 18, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 108

Whatever you do, do it with the passion of a three year-old.

So, I was driving my daughter to day care this morning.  She loves the movie, Frozen, and we were listening to the song, "Let It Go," one of her favorites (and apparently one of the favorites of toddlers the world over).

She was belting out the song from the backseat, and when I looked in the rear view mirror, her eyes were wide and intense, her mouth was totally open, and her arms were extended, following her voice into the crescendo of the chorus.

I couldn't help but laugh, not so much from the humor of the situation (though it was funny to see), but from the sheer passion she was showing for this one song.  This happens a lot with my older daughter, and likely all young children.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not so) the energy she put into signing this one song is more energy and intensity than we see in some adults over the course of a day (or longer, even).

We should take this intensity and passion to heart.  And, we should mirror this excitement in all that we do.

Imagine if everyone we knew was this engrossed in life!  How much more efficient, effective, and happy, overall, would we be as a society?

The key to building intensity and passion is helping people find those things that truly motivate them.  Whether it be singing a song, teaching students, writing a book, visiting a new location, or something else entirely, we are all passionate about something.

The goal is to find a way to transfer this passion into all that we do.  We can help those in our lives do this by asking, and truly being invested in, what they are passionate about.  Beyond that, we can help them build connections between their passions and those things that they aren't as passionate about, as a means to helping them see how their love for something can help build a love for something else.

After all, if a three year old can show this intensity without any prompting, then it shouldn't be a challenge for adults, right? :)

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