Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 93

If you can't be true with yourself, then who will be true with you? #QuoteADay #Day93 #edchat #edu #NSTA14

So, I'm sitting in a sesion here at #NSTA14 that is about tying literature to science and is focused quite a bit on hallucinogens and zombies that exist throughout literature.

To me, this is fascinating.

I'm also sitting here wearing a "Nerds Forever" shirt, because I truly consider myself a professional geek; I hope to spend the rest of my life constantly learning (see below).

The thing is, this is all good, as long as the way we represent ourselves is truly who we are and not some mask created to impress others or "cover up" for perceived weaknesses.

As leaders and learners we have to always remember that the only way to ever cultivate and build trust is to be real.  This means sharing your interests and hobbies, and helping others get to know you as a person, more so than just a leader or learner.

By leading as we are, we encourage others to open up as well.  If we want a school or district to be more than a building (or series of them), we need to make sure that transparency and honesty are tenets of our ways of life.

Otherwise, what's the point?  If we aren't willing to exhibit who we really are, then how can we ever expect others to do the same?

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