Friday, June 13, 2014

Quote-A-Day: 164

You'll always #think you can do less than you can. At times, we must stop thinking and just do! #QuoteADay #Day164 #edchat #edu #TakeAction

It is true that our worst enemies aren’t out and about.  Instead, our worst enemies, are ourselves.

Though our brains are what allow us to learn and lead, they are also what prevent us from taking positive risks and making the most of every moment.

One thing I’ve learned about life so far is that I will always think I’m capable of doing less than I really am.  In fact, I take umbrage with the old adage that “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

In fact, I would amend it to “You can do anything that you take your mind off.”  In reality, we tend to overthink the decisions that we make, and tend to convince ourselves that we are less capable than we really are (and that others often know we are capable of already).

So, from time-to-time, it pays to just stop thinking and take action. 

Now, we can’t live by this mantra at all times (or I can’t, anyway).  But, it is empowering to take action, leaving any doubt or uncertainty floating around in our heads to gather cobwebs.

Since there is nothing to fear from failure, we just have to remind ourselves to act.  Once we’re engrossed in action, it becomes much harder to look back, knowing that whatever we are doing, we need to see it through to completion; we can (and should) always reflect afterwards.

What’s great about adopting this frame of sidestepping thought and embracing action (at least form time-to-time) is that it is incredibly freeing.  We let our actions speak, we ignore the protestations of our brains, and we just.


The calm we feel after we’ve achieved something in this mindset is to be cherished and enjoyed.  Then, it’s time to flip back on our “thinking switch,” let our brain take over, and get back into the business of overthinking things. J

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