Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 163

#Disappointment should first and foremost be seen as an encouragement for future work, not as a detractor. #QuoteADay #Day163 #edchat #edu

Disappointment is never fun.  But it doesn’t have to be detrimental to our learning.

In fact, we can choose to look at disappointment as either something to deflate us, or instead, as something to prompt us to work even harder.

Whether it is disappointment in our personal or our professional lives, the feelings that accompany this type of situation (anger, despair, frustration, etc.) are often seen as negatives, but, they can be springboards to use to learn and reflect on the experience that led to the disappointment we now feel.

It isn’t easy to rebound from a disappointing experience.  It can be even tougher to see the experience as a positive.  That being said, if we’re willing to look at even the most disappointing scenarios as being opportunities to help others avoid them in the future, then we’re making the most of a situation that could otherwise reduce our ability to be effective.

The goal with any situation is to leave it feeling inflated, rather than deflated.  Scenarios that result in disappointment are hard to recover from, but if we dig deep and flip the frame to view these “down times” as simply “up times” in disguise, we’re better prepared to help others do the same.

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