Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 179

If we don't take care of ourselves, then how can we take care of others?

So, here's what my morning has been like so far:

  • Wake up a bunch of times in the middle of the night because our youngest daughter kept waking up crying.  Me and my wife take turns going into her room to rub her back.
  • Wake up at roughly 3:30 AM itching like crazy (I'm usually a careful gardener, but last weekend I wasn't.  Poison ivy came on strong by Wednesday).
  • Take the kids (older daughter has a bad cough) to the urgent care office affiliated with our medical group.  Wait.  And wait some more.
  • Go to CVS to pick up two prescriptions,and wait.
  • Drive home, take a shower and shower the kids, and type up this blog post (about to have breakfast [or lunch] in a few minutes).
This certainly hasn't been the most enjoyable morning, but it raises an important point.  If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?  If I wouldn't have gone to get a little something to ease the itching, how could I have best helped my two girls?

We have a responsibility to those around us.  As servant leaders, we have to make sure that we help those who need it, and care for those who need to be cared for.  What's so interesting about this, though, is that we can't take care of others if we aren't well.

In effect, being a servant leader means we also must live to serve ourselves.  For if we always put everyone before ourselves, and never take care of our own needs, then chances are, at some point, we won't be able to help anyone.

Remember, the true servant leader serves all (including him/herself).

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