Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 162

Every day is a new opportunity to become better than you were the day before. #QuoteADay #Day162 #edchat #edu #BeBetter

One of the things that we always need to make sure we’re doing is striving to be better at all that we do. 

And, the best part is, every single day is a new opportunity to do this.

Some days are great while others are a challenge, but every day starts fresh.

Even when some of our tasks carry over from day-to-day, we can look at each morning as another opportunity to begin with a clean slate and have a better day than we did the day before.

What’s great about this mentality is that it allows us to always strive for greatness.  Even if we had the best day ever, the next day can always be a little bit better, if only by a little bit. 

The fact is, nothing is always “the best.”  Rather, it is “better than before.”  

That subtle shift in thinking and word usage is all we need to see greatness as a continual march to improvement, rather than a point that we actually ever reach.

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