Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 168

The best step a new #leader can take is to sit back and #observe. #QuoteADay #Day168 #edchat #edu #SlowAndSteady

At times, leaders new to a position want to make a name for themselves.  It is quite common to think that a new role as an organizational leader is a “free pass” to beginning to make change.

Of course, as we know, nothing is ever that simple.  New leaders may be hired for what they will bring to an organization, but rarely is the organization ready for them to “bring it” immediately.

One of the most important parts about change is the capacity building that comes along with it.  While some change simply “happens,” the best change scenarios occur when leaders have braced and prepared the community for the modifications that are in store.

This means that leaders need to understand their community if they hope to be able to build a bridge from the present to the future.

This work starts when a new leader takes time to simply observe.  Getting a sense of the health of the community, what is going well, and what is not, are all important parts of an action plan for change.  The best leaders don’t force change right away.  Instead, they wait until they have gained enough knowledge to help change grow.

If you’re embarking on a new role this coming year, make sure you remind yourself to take it slow and look, listen, and learn, before you push for change.  While smooth sailing isn’t always what we experience, it’s made a lot easier when we aren’t making waves.

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