Friday, January 10, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 10

may keep us sharp, but tempers the edge. Without it, we can cut others and ourselves.

Last evening I took the Jeopardy online test.  I enjoy doing this yearly for two reasons.  First, I love Jeopardy, and would love even more to be a contestant.  As far as "game shows" go, they don't get much better.  Second, I look forward to being humbled each time I take the test.  Yep, I actually look forward to getting my butt kicked.

There's something about being humbled and understanding the importance of humility.  Any leader worth his/her salt knows that to stay relevant, an ever increasing wealth of knowledge needs to be attained.  The problem with knowledge on its own, though, is that it can lead to arrogance, and a belief that the more knowledge one obtains, the "smarter" one becomes.  This is only half true.  Certainly knowledge is a requisite factor in leading and life.  But, to avoid the inflated ego that might accompany it, we need a good dose of humility to bring us back down to Earth.

A quick note:  Humility is different from humiliation.  Doing horribly on the Jeopardy online test was an important application of humility for me to experience  No matter how smart I might think I am, I have much and more to learn; it's good to be reminded of this.  But, I wasn't humiliated by the experience; I took the test knowing what to expect, and feeling happy about it afterwards.  Everyone should have the experience of a little humility.  But no one, should ever be humiliated.

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