Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 2

Here is today's quote:

Broken commitments are like muffins made w/baking soda. Both leave a bitter taste, + neither earn you friends.

Nothing stings worse than having a promise or commitment made to you be broken.  If there is one thing I've learned about commitments, it's to only make them if there is 100% certainty that they'll be able to be kept.  A commitment unmade hurts no one.  A commitment broken hurts all.

As I was checking up on the news yesterday, I saw that Bill O'Brien, Penn State's football coach for the last two years, decided to step down (or more likely, step up) and accept the head coaching position for the Houston Texans (one of the worst NFL teams this year).  While I wish Bill well personally, I wonder a bit about his resolve and decision-making.  When Bill first accepted the position as head coach of Penn State, he stated that he was totally committed to Penn State and the University, and was looking forward to leading the team throughout its recovery.  Just two short years later, O'Brien has moved on, leaving the team, the University, its alumni (like me), and the sporting world wondering a bit about the power of commitment and what it means to make (and break) a promise.

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