Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 29

Self- is great, as long as you stay humble. The world needs with happy endings.

I'm a believer of self-promotion (after all, someone has to share the great things that our schools and districts are doing).  I'm also a believer in the need for news to not always be bad (though some segments of our media might think otherwise).  With so many great things happening in the education world, it is a shame that what we hear about most are the bad situations and the situations that get people angry.

As leaders, we have to sell our stories to the surrounding world.  What great things are happening in our classrooms?  What accomplishment has our district made?  What curriculum project can now be shared with the world-at-large?

Many folks using social media do this quite well, regularly sharing pictures of students at work, blogging about happenings in their professional (and personal) lives, and engaging in work with virtual PLCs to share their learning.

This self-promotion is great, but we should go further.  Local and regional media outlets should be clued into the work that we're doing.  Making connections with education reporters can be a wonderful way to showcase successes.  In addition, hosting events with well-known speakers, engaging in partnerships with area businesses, and truly being "innovative" are all ways to give your students, and the learning they're engaging in, more positive press.

Of course, through it all, we have to remember to remain humble.  Our school system may be great, but we can always get better.  Our methods won't work for everyone, and by no means are the steps we've taken the only "answer" to what ails education.

The key is to bask in the spotlight when it hits us, yet be comfortable with the fact that eventually (and often very quickly) it will leave us for somewhere else.  This isn't too difficult a feat, as we know that eventually, if we keep doing good for our learners, it will be back.

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