Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 19

Anything can be an resource. What matters is how it is used, and the story it is meant to tell.

In education, it isn't so much that we lack the resources to teach children well, but we lack the creativity, time, and assistance to figure out how to use the resources we have to best teach our children.

The "resource-chasing" that often serves as the bottom-line for our educational decision-making is flawed.  Certainly, schools in areas that are more resource-rich tend to post better achievement scores, but this is often due more to what students come to school with than what they encounter once there.

The fact of the matter is that extremely creative teachers can be extremely creative with resources no matter where they are.  The challenge?  We need to provide the time for these educators to design, test, and reflect, and we need to support them by reducing the impact of mandates and initiatives that take their focus off providing the best possible instruction for students.

Make no mistake.  This isn't an easy charge.  However, we can easily be misguided by blaming all the woes on money, which is often out of our control.  Rather, we need to look at the resources we already have within our buildings and community-at-large, and provide opportunities for those who can, to turn those resources into gold.

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