Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 14

Don't forget to set aside an opportunity to  all parts of your mind + body.  is .    

Some days it feels like we're moving at the speed of light.  With no potential end in sight, life passes us by, and we do whatever we can to keep the train on the tracks (and not fall off in the process).  So, it isn't surprising that we need to force ourselves to make time to relax.

Downtime is a necessity.

All parts of our body and mind need exercise, including those parts that control our ability to tune out all input, and just be.

My wife and I took a short one night trip two evenings ago.  It was great to get away, and we enjoyed a night filled with good food, good drink, and ample relaxation.  Our kids were well taken care of, enjoying their time with my parents, and my wife and I made every effort to ignore the cell phones and let email sit for another day.

We both returned feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges that life throws our way.  The truth is, I'm sure we both would have been able to handle things without our one night jaunt.  But, the opportunity to simply "turn off" for one day, certainly made us that much more effective when we "turned back on."

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