Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 32

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Yesterday, during a meeting with a team of our consultants, we had a great discussion about one of Motoko Rich's articles pertaining to contemporary issues in education (you can find it here).  As we were talking, we began to focus on the "C's" of education, namely creativity, communication, and collaboration.  We also talked about a "C" that gets too much attention, but really shouldn't be as large a factor as it is today: Compliance.

It's amazing how many great educational terms start with the letter "C."  It's even more interesting how three of the most important factors in a school system: Growing levels of creativity, active and open communication, and collaboration among all stakeholders, are "C" words.    Not surprisingly, words like "Compliance" and "Constrict" also start with that letter.

If there were an educational version of Wheel of Fortune, "C" would definitely be a letter to go with in the final round, for sure.

All joking aside, we must do what we can to focus on the worthy "Cs" and reduce our reliance on the "Cs" that mean less for the success our leaders and learners.  Of course, words can't rule us, only actions truly can, so if we value "Cs" like creativity and communication, we have to find ways to make them a part of what we do every day.

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