Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 47

Effective love being as much as they love being .

Making decisions is all about choices.  Sometimes the choices are "right."  Other times they're "wrong."  At still other points, they aren't either, instead being too "grey" to be truly right or wrong.

Since leaders are often tasked with making decisions, it stands to reason that sometimes leaders will be right and at others they won't.  But the truly effective leader doesn't care so much about whether a right or wrong decision is made.  This leader is more concerned with what we do afterwards.

Effective leaders understand that wrong choices can be just as helpful as right ones, and the leader who truly understands what leading is all about enjoys making mistakes as much as avoiding them.

A leader who approaches decisions with an understanding that no choice is inherently right or wrong, is better able to analyze the data a choice provides, and live and learn.  It is the leader who is more focused on being "correct" that isn't able to focus on the next steps needed after making a decision.

Does this mean we shouldn't feel some sense of frustration, sadness, or anger at being wrong?  No.  But since decisions are rarely about us, it isn't our inherent feelings that should matter.  Instead, it should be about the information gained to make things better for those we work with.  Therefore, a leader who "gets it" understands that a wrong decision can be just as helpful as a right one in continuing to move forward.

We must worry less about being "wrong" and more about leading "right."

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