Friday, February 7, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 38

Effective know when life gets sour, they need to keep adding until things turn out .

Like it or not, life isn't always smooth.  In fact, in the world of education, there are plenty of opportunities where things can go sour.  Of course, those who get it know that the best leaders don't let the sour grapes spoil their wine, opting instead to add doses of sweetness to turn a situation around.

As a leader you're always in the spotlight.  And when in the spotlight, you can't let any one person, situation, or idea get the best of you.  That means addressing challenging situations when they happen, but not allowing yourself to be so challenged that you can no longer think or act as professionally as you truly are.  Leaders must be comfortable showing their emotions, but must be even more comfortable showing poise, thought, and reflection.  These characteristics can help separate the leaders who weigh every step from those who over-react or jump in too soon.

How do we prevent our emotions from boiling over?  By sweetening the situation with niceties that are true and a return of conversation to the topics of most importance: children and learning.

There are times where we feel that our whole being is under attack.  Yet, we must make sure that we never allow our personal feelings to cloud our professional thought.  By taking even the most negative situations and softening them with some sugar, we can build some time for reflection before reaction, and this always makes for better decision-making.

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