Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 46

The true only when nobody else .

Leadership isn't a game.  We don't become leaders because we want to "beat" others or "win" any recognition.  Nor do we lead to avoid losing.

Rather, leadership is a process and a way of life.  In fact, being a leaders is kind of like playing the "anti-game."  The only way to truly "win" as a leader, is to do everything in your power to prevent others from "losing."

Sounds silly, right?  But effective leaders understand the truth of those words.  We lead because we want to make the lives of others better, and we've made progress only when people are better off after we've worked with them, than before.

The challenge, of course, is that even society paints life as a game of winners and losers.  If someone succeeds someone else must fail, right?


The fact of the matter is that leadership isn't about succeeding at the expense of others.  Rather it is about learning with others, and through that experience, welcoming both success and failure as necessary parts of the process.

Remember that winning and losing aren't opposite sides of the same coin.  Both sides of the coin can be about winning, and effective leaders do whatever they can to make others see that.

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