Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 36

A who doesn't get the importance of rest is like a candle burning at both ends. Neither will last long.

Rest and relaxation are necessary parts of life.  Leaders and learners need to make sure they are getting appropriate amounts of rest in order to tackle the challenges that life provides.  As I write this, I'm working through a fever that has kept me in bed for much of the day.  Being a very active person, it's hard to stay in bed for even the shortest period of time, but I recognize the importance of doing what I can to let my body take care of itself.  I've spent most of the day sleeping, and am now so wired that I am just itching to get out of bed.

Still, we have to recognize that our bodies (and minds) give us signs as to when we need to slow down.  Leaders who operate on a mile-a-minute mentality are destined to burn out, and if they don't, it's likely they will have moved so fast through their careers that they will have never built the capacity to secure their buildings and districts for the future.

Sticking with my own advice I'm going to keep this post short and take it easy the rest of the night, with hopes of being "back to normal" by the morning.

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