Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 53

A may be worth a thousand words, but action is worth much + more.

I really like the old "Picture is Worth. . ." saying. I think it speaks volumes. We are, scientifically speaking, a visual species, so it stands to reason that pictures can be just as informative as the spoken word. We've all had the experience of seeing an amazing piece of artwork, and without so much as a word being spoken, we can begin contemplating and reflecting upon the story that we believe it tells.

But visuals and words can only do so much. My experiences (and I imagine yours as well) lead me to believe that as powerful as pictures and words can be, the actions we take speak volumes more than any visual or aural experience.

Leadership is a process that is in a nutshell, all about "doing." As leaders, we're tasked with collecting data, making decisions, and then reflecting on outcomes. We can talk as much as we want, we can document happenings with pictures, but it is the actions we take that leave the greatest impact on those whom we serve.

A picture is a great document of a place in time. But, we know two things about pictures. First, many are often posed; attempting to depict life as it may be (but also as it really may not. . . if you need examples of this, check your Facebook feed from time-to-time; we're all guilty of this :) ). Second, pictures fade. While we might remember moments after looking at a picture, situations begin to get blurry over time.

Actions on the other hand don't fade, and are often remembered, even if the person or place isn't remembered quite as well. Since leaders should want to leave a legacy for their organization, better to adorn it with action than pepper it with pictures.

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