Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 50

Never forget is a industry. The direction we must be by those we serve.

It seems that sometimes we forget that as educators, we are "servers."  We are tasked with meeting the needs of our stakeholders, and as such, we must remember that the decisions we make can't be about us, but instead, must be about those who we work with (and more importantly, work for).

Students, other educators, the community, are all our charges.  We don't lead them so much as they, lead us.

Therefore, when faced with a decision, or when contemplating a new idea, we must make sure that voices are heard, and those voices can't be from central administration alone.

Education, no matter how hard anyone tries, can never operate like a business.  We don't create products; we do create the future.  Whether a lead learner is called a CEO, a superintendent, a director, a principal, or something else, the name, in fact, means nothing.  For every educator, regardless of title, is a server, plain and simple.

Let's not forget this.

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