Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 58

the in your path. A bump in the road is simply a step towards greater heights.

Life is full of challenges.  While some are much more difficult than others, in some small way, they all prepare us to be better leaders, learners, and realistically, people.

How we approach these challenges is what truly matters.  We have the option to look upon them as incredibly negative occurrences.  Or, we can consider them to be stepping stones towards reaching milestones that previously seemed beyond our reach.

I see challenges falling into the latter category.  These obstacles might appear like impassable blocks in the road, but from another angle, they might be exactly what we need to traverse uncharted territory or to build new relationships.

Like the old "If a tree falls. . ." conundrum, we have to wonder what purpose a road block would serve if no one crossed over it.  By embracing challenges, and seeing the upside of a a situation that might at first seem like it would bring us down, we can understand why goals are always heralded with more fanfare when meeting them requires people to really push themselves.

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