Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 44

Effective know to with an iron resolve; never with an iron fist.

(Note:  It's getting hard for me to keep track of the days. . . today was Day 44 but I tweeted Day 43. :) )

As a former science teacher, there is quite a bit I can say about the virtues of Pb.  Not peanut butter, but lead, the element that truly has a lot of power.

When it comes to leadership, we often have to lead with iron.  Sometimes iron stomachs, that's true, but always an iron resolve.  Making decisions is never easy, even when it seems like the decisions are "no-brainers."

Every decision has an impact, regardless of how small.

So, leaders have to make sure that they stay strong in any given situation.  People look to the leader for advice and action steps.  Therefore the most effective leader has a resolve that says, "Stay the course.  We'll make it."

Of course, not all iron is good.  An iron fist can also be used to make decisions, but instead of building community as a strong resolve can, an iron fist tears it down.  Leaders who rule rather than lead build kingdoms rather than communities.  In education, that structure simply doesn't work.

Take a moment to reflect on the iron in your leadership style.  Are you a leader who is better with iron or worse?  What aspects of the iron in your style need to be further melded?  With whom would you be willing to share some of your iron characteristics?

Lead on!

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