Monday, February 24, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 55

who are prepared for the , are the ones who are to be the .

Nobody ever wants to assume the worst is going to happen, but when it comes to being prepared, it is in our best interest to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Morbid? Pessimistic? Uber-negative?


Yet, at the same time, we are only as good a set of leaders as we are during the situations that challenge us the most.  So, why not always prepare for the moments we hope will never happen?

How do we best prepare?  Here are three thoughts:

1.  Always ask, "What If. . . ": If we don't ask the question, we'll never know.  By asking about those situations we hope we never experience, we open our own eyes (and the eyes of others) to the fact that sometimes, anything can happen.  Sometimes starting the conversation is the most important thing.  Rather than worry about being a source of negativity, consider this question a source of inspiration; how would we deal with the worst possible outcome in this situation?

2.  Take Positive Risks: Risk-takers are often better able to positively engage with challenging situations.  Why?  Simply because they've put themselves into situations that tax them many times before.  By taking positive risks, and encouraging this practice in our communities, we can build our armor to sustain the blows that the unexpected can bring.

3.  Layer.  Organizations work best when there is redundancy.  That doesn't mean repetitiveness, however.  Redundancy allows for someone or something to take over when a problem arises or a process is compromised.  Stakeholders aren't occupying the same niche or doing the same jobs.  Instead, your team is prepped to assume responsibilities if the need arises; layering allows for a seamless change, if one has to happen.

Preparing for the worst isn't a negative process.  Instead, it is one that says, "I want what is best for my organization."

What could be more positive than that?

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