Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 57

can happen anywhere at anytime. and must never be constrained.

Education can't be boxed or caged.  It has to be set free to truly have meaning.  We learn constantly, and as social creatures, we need to learn not only from our own experiences, but from those of others.

When many think of learning they think of a school.  Yet, if you consider all that you've learned in your life, probably only a small portion of that information took place in the classroom.

We need to spend more time showcasing our leaders and learners who are experiencing education in novel and different ways.

And guess what?  We need to change how learning takes place in schools too.

Imagine a world where learning happened because it wanted to.  Where leaders and learners could go down any path they chose, simply based on interest.  Unrealistic?  Yes.  Unlikely?  Sure.  Impossible?  Not at all.

While there is quite a lot that could be written about whether we should have to learn about things we aren't interested in (whole books, actually), we could model education in any way we chose, if that option was granted to us.

But it isn't.  And it likely won't be.  Still, we need to make sure that we do whatever is in our power to unlock the doors and windows, and open them as wide as possible to the myriad of ways that we can learn and lead.

While there might always be lines we cannot cross, that doesn't mean we shouldn't balance on them.

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