Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 54

never killed the cat, but it did make it a better and .

While I've been the recipient of the "Curiosity Killed the Cat. . ." quote numerous times (some folks may have thought it was my middle name as a kid), as I've gotten older, I've never really come to see the truth in it.

Yes, we all know that there are some things that we shouldn't do.  But, is curiosity to blame?  Certainly not.

In a world that seems to be pushing the creativity and curiosity out of schools (at least in this country, anyway), the old cat quote seems to push us further from where we want our learners (and our leaders) to be.

As far as I'm concerned, curiosity did nothing but open doors for that cat, and if that cat hadn't been as curious as it was, it never would have learned to change its behavior and/or expanded its cognitive functioning.

We should never, ever, encourage others to stop being curious.  For if we do, we might as well encourage them to stop learning, or far worse, stop breathing.  After all, one of our goals on this planet is to discover why we are who we are, and we can't do that without having a sense of wonder and reflection.

Life is so much better when we go to bed each night with questions in our heads.  Never stop letting curiosity lead you to pose those queries.

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