Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 221

A that is not shared is an opportunity that is lost.

Today's #satchat discussion got me thinking. . .

When we set goals, we often think about our own individual steps towards meeting them.  But, goals that aren't shared, goals that are kept inside are opportunities that are lost and that we deny of others.

Shared goals (and shared goal-setting) is an excellent way to not only build capacity for needed change, but to rally those we serve around an idea or initiative that will truly make the community's collective lives better.

When we share goals, and especially when we build them together, we are "teaming up" to reach a common apex.  This makes the potential reaching of the goal, or benchmarks along the way, not only more efficient for everyone involved, but more fun, and more collaborative.

A community that rallies around a common goal is a community that has an identity, and a community with an identity is one that truly knows itself.

After all, if you want to climb that mountain, better to do so with a large climbing party than to go it by yourself with some crampons and a pickaxe. :)

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