Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 240

Not knowing that which you are capable of is many times worse than not being capable of that which you know of.  #QuoteADay #Day240 #edchat #edu #ASCDL2L #ReachForTheStars

Let's face it: we'll always be stronger at some things than others.

And, it is good to know that, because if we know what we tend to be best at, we can seek the help of others who can assist us with what we're are not so great at.

The worst possible scenario is to not know what we are capable of.  When we don't have any idea of what we can and can't accomplish, that is when we stand to lose the most.  Since time is a finite resource, if we waste it trying to accomplish those tasks which we are not well-suited for, we miss an opportunity to excel in those areas that we display the necessary skills for.

This doesn't mean that the unknown is bad.  Instead, it means that if we have a good idea of what works for us (and what doesn't), we'll be best able to lead in a way that benefits the greatest number of people.

So, don't be disappointed that you aren't capable of everything.  Be pleased that you know exactly what you are capable of, and what you are not.

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