Friday, August 22, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 234

Lifelong impressions can be set in an instant; make every second count. #QuoteADay #Day234#edchat #edu #Lead #Learn #Live
Isn’t it amazing how even the smallest actions can have massive impacts?  Granted, these actions can have both positive and negative effects, but how wonderful that very small moves can leave a tremendous impression on the lives of those we serve.
That means we need to do all we can to lead to make every second count.  Every action we take, every word that we say, needs to happen with an understanding that it can, and likely will, have an impact on those around us.
Therefore, every waking moment that we are leading and learning, we have to lead and learn like every second will truly make an impression on the lives of others.  Because for many, it does, and it will.
We need to understand that the impressions we leave greatly impact the lives of others.  Therefore, we need to always remember that all we need to make or break a life is a moment. 
Let’s treat each moment like it matters.

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