Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 225

You may only be one person, but your actions can affect millions. #QuoteADay #Day225 #edchat #edu #NeverUnderestimateYourself

Sometimes, we forget the impact we can have on others.

Sometimes, we start thinking that we’re just one itty bitty part of a much bigger system.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “How can I make a difference?”

And often, we’re having an impact and making a difference with every single thing we do.

As leaders and learners, we have to start realizing the power of our words and our actions.  With every step we take, with every discussion we engage in, we’re influencing others to think, act, and reflect on what they do as learners and leaders.  We are not islands in this world.  In fact, we’re all part of the same giant landmass, working together (or completing against one another) to make the most difference on the greatest number of people.

That inter-connectedness is so important, because it showcases the need to see ourselves as much more than an individual.  We may be a small part of a big machine, but we’re a necessary part, as is everyone else.  Nobody plays the role of the appendix in our society; no one is there just because.

Instead, we have to instill in ourselves (and in others), that everything we do can have either positive or negative effects on many others, and in fact, on many others who may not yet be in our professional learning networks.

It is for that reason that we have to always strive to make those impacts positive.  Anything else is simply unacceptable.  So be positive in all that you do, knowing that surely, each action you take and each word you say, can make the lives of others, better.

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