Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 235

A friend is someone who will help you learn from your as well as your .

My wife and I had a great date night last night with a couple we haven't gotten together with in a while.  We tried a new restaurant in our area that was excellent; the food, drink, and conversation were truly fabulous.

This couple are true friends for a few important reasons.  First, when we're around each other, we're all real.  There are no hidden agendas, no need to act differently than we would normally, and no pretending to be people who we aren't.  This is so important, as a goal of friendship is to be open about both the good and the bad.  If we can't do both, then we have to wonder if we are, in fact, truly friends.

Second, we can promote each other's successes, and be truly happy for what has been accomplished.  We've known each other for quite a while, and understand the professional and personal struggles we have each been through.  So, when we experience a success, we can understand how it came to pass, and what it truly means.  Just as importantly, we can ask questions and offer suggestions to help the success have an even larger impact.

Third, we can help each other learn from our failures.  Critical feedback, and constructive advice are welcomed, and sought.  We can use this feedback to become better individually, and as a group.

Finally, we can stand the test of time.  Regardless of whether we get together again in a month, or three, we'll be able to engage in conversation that truly supports our growth as people and professionals.

We need to always remember the importance of true friendship, and make sure that our friendships are based on helping each other learn more, and more effectively.

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