Monday, August 25, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 237

If we're part of the status quo, we're part of the problem. #QuoteADay #Day237 #edchat #edu #ASCDL2L #MakeAChange

This morning I happened to be working out about fifteen minutes earlier than usual.  I was checking my phone, and I noticed a new (or what I saw as new) hashtag, #BFC530. 

The gist is simple.  A fifteen minute convo at 5:30 AM ET around one question, seemingly to get the brain juices flowing at that early hour.

And a great discussion it was.  I engaged with some incredibly intriguing, interested, and excited educators (many who I had yet to connect with), all who were willing to share their thoughts around a question of what boiled down to what makes success, and what makes failure (and is there, really, any difference).

I’m always happy to try new things, and whenever I get the chance to attend this chat, I will excitedly engage, simply because it was one of the more different chat formats I’ve explored in a while, and the sheer energy that many had that early in the morning was phenomenal.  Truly.

One piece this mini-chat made me think about was the fact that when it comes to success and failure, it is all about taking risk.  And, as I tweeted out, “If we’re part of the status quo, we’re part of the problem.”
I truly believe that if we’re happy with continuing the way things are, then we aren’t challenging ourselves as much as we need to.

One of the best tweets of that fifteen minute time period came from Kelly Stidham who wrote, “Passion doesn’t live in stagnant water.”  Again, the idea that when we let things sit, we tend to quell creativity and innovation.

I’m a firm believer in taking risks and making change regardless of the outcome.  We need to constantly be upsetting the apple cart if we’re going to find both the ripe and rotten ones.  There is no other option.

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