Friday, July 4, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 185

Remember that a person's life can be changed with only one .

The power of positivity is something that should not be disrespected.  Staying positive and making others happy is a key part of leadership, and life in general.

If we can stay positive, despite all odds, then we help elevate the moods and lives of those around us.

It isn't always easy to dispense a smile or provide a warm "Good Morning."  Sometimes, it is downright impossible.  But, "impossible" should never be in the vocabulary of the leader and learner, and even on (or especially on) the days when we feel most ready to explode, we need to make sure that we always have a smile waiting for those we serve.

Why is such a simple flex of a few muscles so powerful?

Simply because a smile shows an understanding, a knowledge of a person, and an unspoken vow of "Whatever happens, we will be okay."

Nothing makes others feel happier than knowing that they have a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a person to look to for assistance.

Whose life will you make better with a smile today?

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