Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 211

Never assume that the easiest decisions to make will be the easiest to implement. #QuoteADay #Day211 #edchat #edu #WasntMeantToBeEasy

“Easy” is such a “trouble word.”  We often think that those things that are easy will be easy all around.  Yet, life shows us this isn’t the case.

Sometimes, the decisions that are the easiest to make, are some of the toughest to implement.  Let’s look at two from very different (or maybe not that different) parts of my life.

First, the decision for my wife and me to have children was incredibly easy to make.  All implementation jokes aside, the parenting of our children has been much harder than I would ever have imagined.  While there are easy moments, they are often few and far between.  And while the collective act of parenting has been amazing, I’ll be the first to say that the implementation phase of raising children is a challenge that at the time, we were not ready for (though, truth be told, I think we’re doing a pretty good job, thank you very much).

Second, the decision to leave the classroom for a full-time leadership position was pretty easy at the time.  I knew I was “ready” for a change, and the position was right up my alley.  As I found out though, transitioning from a full-time teacher to a full-time leader is one not to be taken lightly.  It took me a number of months just to understand what it meant to create my own schedule, and I still miss working collaboratively with middle-school age learners (though, truth be told, I’m really loving working with adult learners).

In both of these situations, making the decision was fairly easy (within reason, anyway).  It was the implementation, the moving forward, the carrying on, that was challenging.  In both cases, I feel like I’ve made tremendous progress, and I continue to learn and get better as time goes on (that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?). 

However, we always need to remember, that the ease of making a decision in no way correlates with the challenge of putting it into practice. 

Moving forward, that’s an important point that I will never forget. 

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