Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 189

Preparation is one part #planning and nine parts #action. #QuoteADay #Day189 #edchat #edu #TakeAction

When we talk about being prepared, we often think that means simply doing the ground work to plan for any situation.  However, preparation is much more than planning out a response.

Instead, to be truly prepared, we have to make sure that we’re also willing to take action. 

Preparation without the next step never results in change.

Many of us are excellent planners, yet we worry about acting too quickly.  However, if all we do is plan, and we never act, then the hard work we’ve put into preparing never actually shows itself.

Being a prepared leader and learner means that we’re ready for anything, and just as importantly, we’re ready to put our plans into action, whenever the need arises.

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